Tributes to Isang Yun

A composer cannot view the world in which he lives with indifference. Human suffering, oppression, injustice… all that comes to me in my thoughts. Where there is pain, where there is injustice, I want to have my say through my music. – Isang Yun, 1983

“Tributes to Isang Yun” celebrates the centennial of composer Isang Yun’s birth in 2017. This extensive project includes commissioned works, international performances, and a recording production. Pianist Eunmi Ko will collaborate with contemporary composers to develop a solo piano recital program, with each piece being commissioned for this particular project serving as a modern tribute to Isang Yun and his music. The project will showcase diverse styles of piano music and a variety of performances.

Aug 27 New Piano Collective, San Franisco
Sep 16 Seoul Arts Center
Sep 22 EAFIT, Colombia
Oct 10 University of Richmond

Christos Samaras
Ingrid Stolzel
John Liberatore
Seunghee Lee
Fabio Massimo Capogrosso
Eduardo Costa Roldan
Girolamo Deraco
Alejandro Roman
Marco Alunno
Mateo Soto